Coronavirus: Understanding the economics

Paolo Surico and Andrea Galeotti, professors of economics at London Business School, share their fiscal recommendations around the pandemic


COVID-19 is the biggest crisis of our generation. And with new data often difficult to analyse, clear answers are in short supply. For those with a background in economics, there are a number of concerns. How do we best apply an economic lens to the crisis? How do we quantify the impact of the pandemic on the global economy? And how can we use these insights to make recommendations to policymakers today?

In the first lecture of this series, Paolo Surico, Professor of Economics at London Business School, and Andrea Galeotti, Professor of Economics at London Business School, compare different countries’ responses and share their insights on which policies are working best. In the second lecture, they examine – from a non-clinical standpoint – the epidemiology of the disease and the differing responses of governments around the world

Their focus then turns to the economics of the pandemic: in the third lecture, Paolo and Andrea compare the contagion curve with the recession curve. This allows them to quantify the economic cost of the crisis itself as well as of differing healthcare policies. In the final lecture, they explore the fiscal and monetary policies that they believe will best reduce the economic impact of this unprecedented pandemic.