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Unlock your leadership potential

The interpersonal and emotional dynamics of leadership take this programme beyond the classroom, exposing you to a range of team experiences where you hone every aspect of your leadership ability.

What you learn


Three key themes run through the programme, each developing a vital set of skills needed for successful team leadership.


Self-awareness is a key attribute of effective leaders. Before joining the programme, you undergo a NEO PI-R personality assessment, giving you unique insight into your leadership style and the effect your approach may have on others.


Understanding the process, design and dynamics of teams is a critical element of team leadership. Learn about the behaviours that build a collaborative and supportive team environment and develop your social awareness to successfully manage conflict.

Delivering results

Delivering results is the goal of every successful leader. On this part of the programme, you use your new social awareness skills and self-knowledge to build a skillset for delivering results through others. Achieve this through project planning, negotiation, coaching, influencing and action planning.

How you learn

Practical insights and toolkits

This intensely practical programme is led by world-class faculty and crammed with practical insights and toolkits. Our faculty share their expertise, research and experience to make your transition into leadership as smooth and successful as possible – giving you skills to tackle challenges confidently and successfully.

Experiential learning

A hands-on learning experience allows you to apply your learning in a fast-paced, thrilling and collaborative environment. Learn what it takes to make teams work under intense pressure.

Immersive simulations

Immerse yourself in highly practical team simulations and use your newly developed social awareness skills and self-knowledge to reach the end goal.

Key details

Duration: 4 days
Next start: 18 Nov 2019
Fees: $7,800*
Location: DIFC, Dubai

2019 dates and fees:

  • 18 - 21 Nov 2019
  • Fees: $7,800*

Contact us

Contact Jenny Ng, Programme Consultant.


Tel: +44(0) 20 7000 7092