Keun Woo Jeong

  • Degree Programme: PhD in Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Keun Woo (Eric) is a Ph.D. candidate in Strategy & Entrepreneurship department at the London Business School.

Eric’s research interest broadly revolves around the topic of strategic human capital. In particular, Eric is interested in understanding i) what drives the surplus division dynamics between the firm and employees and ii) strategies for structuring the surplus division to foster and retain talent.

Eric explores these questions in contexts characterized by human-capital intensiveness such as investment managers and inventors. For some questions that involve a more careful analysis of the within-organization or within-team dynamics at the individual level, he enjoys exploring his ideas in the context of sports (e.g., NBA) and arts (e.g., classical musicians, and actors).

Keun Woo holds a bachelor’s degree from Kyung Hee University and a master’s degree from Seoul National University. More information about him you can find on Eric's personal website- (https://sites.google.com/view/kjeong).