Paul McGinley tees off for London Business School

Leadership Institute appoints new Executive Fellow

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London Business School’s Leadership Institute has today announced the appointment of Paul McGinley, one of golf’s most respected figures, as Executive Fellow.

In his role as Executive Fellow, Paul McGinley, who captained the 2014 European Ryder Cup to victory, will take part in tutorials with degree students, speaking opportunities at key Institute events and will share his learning and experiences on leadership and building teams with business leaders. Paul has a degree in International Business and before becoming a golf professional spent time working at the European Commission.

“Understanding how to translate leadership skills across the world is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today. Paul understands what it takes to be a successful professional athlete, as well as a winning captain and leader. These experiences have allowed Paul to advise on how best to develop a winning strategy based in one of the most competitive of environments – professional sport”, said Randall Peterson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School and Director, Leadership Institute.

“He will be a great asset to our Leadership Institute in helping leaders understand, rationalise and confront the challenges facing their own businesses, and their leadership skills”, Peterson continued.

During his captaincy, Paul demonstrated his ability to bring together a group of players from different backgrounds, nations, and cultures to achieve a winning team.

Paul made sure every player clearly understood their role and how it fitted into the overall strategy, as well as ensuring the Vice Captains, European Tour management, families, coaches, venue and support staff worked as a team preparing a perfect platform for the players to focus on winning. This approach fully harnessed the support of European fans.

Paul has already worked with Professor Randall Peterson and the Institute to capture his experience in ways it can be shared with the educational community and beyond, and he has agreed to work with the School to promote the benefits of effective leadership and what in his experience contributes to that.

Paul McGinley, Executive Fellow, London Business School’s Leadership Institute, said: “Captaincies have taken me on a journey exploring a subject I have always found fascinating - leadership. My degree in International Business combined with my experience has shown me that although it can be approached in many different ways, success ultimately depends on the harmony of working with proven fundamentals and dealing in human relations. I thank London Business School for this honour and I look forward to continuing this exciting journey with them."