Alex Pike

Education: BA Economics, Durham University, UK; graduated in 2015

Pre-MBA industry: Management Consulting

Pre-MBA role: Senior Consultant, North Highland

Clubs: Men’s Rugby Club, Impact Consulting Club, Snow Club, Volunteers Club, Cricket Club, Consulting Club

About me: Alex grew up just south-west of London in Surrey and graduated from Durham University with a degree in Economics.

Prior to his MBA, Alex was a senior consultant at North Highland, a medium-sized management consulting firm in London. Alex gained experience in a breadth of industries, including financial services, telecoms and central government, focusing on delivering process improvement and operational efficiency.

Alex chose LBS for its unrivalled cultural diversity, the flexibility of the curriculum and the access it grants to some of the world’s most competitive firms and inspiring individuals. Alex plans to move into strategy consulting post-MBA and is enjoying the wide range of skillsets that the course has so far offered to help him on this journey. He is also looking forward to engaging with future LBS students and showing them why LBS is the place to be!

Alex is a passionate sports fan and if he’s not watching his beloved Tottenham Hotspur from the stands, he can often be found on the rugby field, golf course or cricket pitch. Alex is also a dedicated volunteer in his spare time and is aiming to expand accessibility to and participation in volunteering amongst his LBS cohort through the Volunteers Club.

Three topics I can be approached about: Studying in your hometown; volunteering; management consulting.

Email address: apike.mba2024@london.edu