Shape our MBA your way

No other MBA offers as much flexibility. Take control of your learning and your future. Customise our MBA to suit your academic needs, your career requirements and your timeframe. 

We offer a degree with all the advantages of the two-year programme. Greater curriculum choice. International exchange. Time to explore multiple internships and project opportunities, or simply to reflect on your future career path. But if you’re someone who simply can’t wait to start your new career, then we have options to suit you. Choose from flexible exit points – at 15, 18 or 21 months*.

*Opting to graduate at 15 months will limit other programme choices and affect the number of internships you can take.

Flexible curriculum

Our academic offering is all about flexibility. There are numerous ways to customise your learning, innovations like our Tailored Core which allows you to cater to a particular area of interest or maintain a broad general management overview. Benefit from the different delivery formats available with our portfolio of 70+ Electives – subject to availability, choose from 5-week, 10-week, modular or block week options to suit your internship, exchange or extra-curricular commitments.

If you’ve previously studied subjects such as economics or accounting you may be eligible for waivers, allowing you to invest your time in new skills. One option is to increase your cultural understanding and employability by studying another language.

*All waivers are reviewed annually.

Practical learning options

Applying classroom skills to practical project work is a critical component of your MBA journey. Put our rich links with London and the global business community to work for you. 

Connect with London on our LondonCAP module, working in a group and delivering business solutions to a broad range of exciting organisations. Extend your network and source a topic of specific interest in the second year ‘live’ business project elective. And use the flexibility of our curriculum to your best advantage, experiencing different roles, functions and sectors with one or more internships. Many students engage in structured internships with blue-chip recruiters over the summer and use the second year to investigate more informal opportunities.

Global experiences

Flexible exit points. Flexible curriculum. And the opportunity to gain a broader, more flexible world view. The Global Business Experiences (GBEs) and international exchange are two of our MBA highlights.

Join a faculty-led GBE group and immerse yourself in a new business culture. Choose from GBEs with a focus on topics such as asset management, entrepreneurship or innovation, in countries as diverse as India, South Africa and Peru. And with a total of 27 high-quality partner schools to select from, our an international exchange lets you seek out and experience a location, language or culture of your choice - make the most of newly-developed language skills and takeaways from our Global Business Practice  courses.

Tailor your curriculum

Choice is central to our programme, but as with real-world business scenarios, you sometimes need to make a trade-off. When you plan to exit the programme will shape your journey and may mean balancing your goals with the options available. Our programme management team is a great source of advice to help you make the best choice for your career strategy.