The Student Association

The Student Association (SA) represents students’ interests and concerns throughout the school, runs social events and supports student clubs.

There are SA officers on many School committees to ensure the interests of students are taken into account by senior management before any decisions are made. The SA Executive Committee is elected annually by the students themselves.

Each year, the SA brings the London Business School community together for a range of exciting events, including the multicultural festival Tattoo and the Summer Ball. The SA is also responsible for all student-led clubs and helps manage, coordinate and promote them.

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The Student Association Fee

The Student Association fee allows the Student Association to ensure that many of the 1,500+ annual student-led events, and over three quarters of our clubs, are free to join. The fee supports the clubs, and the students within them, to be creative and courageous leaders who deliver a thriving student experience for all members of our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I still have to pay to participate in activities in addition to the fee?

    While some activities have additional fees, the Student Association fee allows the SA to ensure that many of our student-led events, and over three quarters of our clubs, are free to join.

    Additional fees are more likely to be incurred in relation to:

    • Membership of sports teams and some professional clubs
    • Social events which provide food and/or alcohol
    • Attendance at flagship conferences
    • Travel and treks
  • How will the Student Association Fee be invoiced?

    London Business School collects the Student Association Fee on behalf of the Student Association.

    The Student Association Fee covering your full time at London Business School will be included with your first tuition invoice. The fee is itemised separately to tuition, but should be paid at the same time.

    Note: PhD students will be not be invoiced due to the different payment structure; please check with the programme office for further details

  • How much is the Student Association Fee?

    The Student Association Fee is £120 per full-time year and £60 per part-time year (as outlined in the table below). The full amount will be charged alongside your first tuition invoice and will cover your entire time at London Business School. The fee amount includes 20% VAT.


    SAF total for programme (£)

    Masters in Management / Global Masters in Management


    Masters in Financial Analysis




    Masters in Finance full-time


    Masters in Finance part-time


    EMBA – Dubai


    EMBA – London


    LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy




    Note: EMBA-Global students are not charged a fee, due to a reciprocal agreement with the partner Schools.

  • Do I still have access to the same opportunities despite differences in fees?

    The fee is set as an annual fee for a full-time student. For part-time and/or multi-year programmes the fee has been adjusted to reflect this.

    The Student Association’s objective is to run activities and events which benefit the whole community.

    This reduction in fee is not intended to signify a difference in the opportunities provided, but rather that students completing part-time or multi-year programmes are likely to find they have differing ability to participate in these activities due to their own personal circumstances. The fee is therefore adjusted in recognition of this.

    One exception to this is for certain Student Association leadership roles which require students to remain on campus beyond twelve months. These opportunities are necessarily only available to students undertaking a multi-year programme.