The Entrepreneurship Summer School 

The Entrepreneurship Summer School gives you the chance to assess and shape your business opportunity in a robust and practical way.


Over the course of the summer we provide you with the skills and insights you need to research your target market and industry and to know what it takes to turn your idea into a viable business. 

Why choose this programme?

  • This programme is perfect for you if you are contemplating an entrepreneurial venture but don’t know how to take it forward or you’re unsure if you’ll enjoy the way of life.  We give you a robust methodology for assessing and shaping your venture as well as plenty of time to discuss your idea with your peers, investors and experienced entrepreneurs. 
  • We match each team with a mentor who helps you to think through your business idea, helps you overcome stumbling blocks and serves as a sounding board.  
  • Your experiences on this programme will help you decide whether a career as an entrepreneur is right for you.

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