The Leadership Institute was launched in 2014 to connect leaders, and the challenges they face, to the world in a unique way.

Its mission is clear: to have a profound impact on the world through supporting the generation and application of path-breaking research on leadership. 

At the Institute’s core is research across a spectrum of topics and disciplines, including successful leaders who embody our evidence-based teaching on leadership.

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About the Leadership Institute

We aim and aspire to raise the standard of best practice in global leadership by: 

  • Driving leadership research into practice by actively translating findings into teaching and outreach activities that cause leaders to rethink and improve their practice of leadership
  • Creating a generation of leaders who have a global view, a strong sense of community and who lead from their heart, as well as their head
  • Becoming a globally recognised destination for leaders to access research, teaching, and practice on leading and leadership.

Research and insights

Leadership intersects all spheres of business and life. That’s why the Institute supports wide-ranging research in diverse fields. Our academic research provides you with ground-breaking, unique and thought provoking global leadership insights.

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