07 Jun 2013

John Mullins

Retailers’ loyalty programmes had grown far beyond their early origins into a burgeoning phenomenon and smartphone usage was on the rise globally. Habibbhai and Hauge set out to test the market. 


It was a sunny Friday afternoon in London in August 2011, and Riyaz Habibbhai was ecstatic. He and his Seattle-based partner, Anders Hauge, had been working for six months to develop their idea for a new kind of consumer loyalty programme that would take advantage of the latest developments in smartphone technology and social networking.

A local coffee shop had just agreed to allow them to conduct a market test, starting on Monday. But exactly what did they hope to learn from this test? “Opportunities to get real market data don’t come along every day,” noted Hauge, as the duo conversed via Skype. “We’d better think carefully about exactly what we are hoping to learn from this test and how we’re going to measure the outcomes.”

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