Disruption innovation opportunities for fashion firms

16 Apr 2015

The third eCommerce Conference organised by London Business School’s student Retail & Luxury Goods Club saw executives gather recently to discuss the latest trends, innovations and challenges facing the industry today.

When speaking to the attendees, Martijn Bertisen, Google UK’s Sales Director of Retail, said: “In August 2014, more people accessed retail websites via their mobile phone (52 per cent) than those using a desktop computer,” a precedent for the global retail industry.

He added that disruptive innovation creates great opportunities for traditional brands to reconnect with their customers, according to London Business School.

However, retailers hoping to capitalise on emerging technology must be smart about how they innovate. They also said that with technology changing so rapidly, adopting and trialling new methods to engage the consumer was the only way to quickly test the success of new innovations.