It’s a myth that entrepreneurs are mostly self-taught mavericks. 

Today’s entrepreneurs are increasingly well-prepared and well-educated. They work in teams and build extensive networks. They mitigate risk. Often, they fail several times before they succeed.

Our practical approach to entrepreneurship enables those at the start of their journey to up their odds of winning and so become tomorrow’s trailblazers.

We draw on our world-class Faculty for relevant and ground-breaking research. 

We showcase the experiences and insights of successful entrepreneurs (including those with failure under their belts) and corporate leaders to demonstrate how ideas work in reality.

Our London location enables us to tap into the full diversity of business – from tech to finance to the creative industries. We connect entrepreneurs with potential partners and expose them to funding opportunities. 

Our students are a resource for each other and for our wider community: their passion and ability drives many of the clubs, competitions and events. 

We believe that entrepreneurship is not a lonely pursuit, it’s a team game. The chances of success can be increased with great coaching and strategic thinking.

The joy of incubation

Jeff Skinner

‘Deloitte Institute Founders’ win a place in the School’s Incubator programme. Who are these individuals?

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