The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was established in 2011 to equip and inspire entrepreneurs, innovators and the leaders who design the ecosystems in which they thrive. The bedrock of the Institute is rigorous research in a field that is too often driven by popular wisdom.


In recent years, governments and organisations everywhere have woken up to the importance of innovation as a primary means of driving growth, creating wealth, improving well-being and solving many of the world’s chronic problems. Vast amounts of corporate and public resource as well as entrepreneurial energy are invested in generating and scaling new ideas. We want to ensure that this investment creates real impact by providing evidence-based insights and strategies to all those who drive innovation.


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Research and insights

The Institute supports a wide diversity of research in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. The outputs of this research result in peer-reviewed publications, case studies and distilled insights that inform entrepreneurial practice and policy.

For entrepreneurs

The Institute invests in a extensive range of resources and programmes that inspire entrepreneurial ambition and equips entrepreneurs with the expertise they need to test their ideas and turn viable ventures into successful businesses.

News and events

The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) aims to enable businesses to recognise and grasp opportunities.



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EMBA Business Growth Programme

The EMBA Business Growth Programme was launched in 2018 exclusively for first year London EMBA students pursuing their own start-up whilst studying at the School.

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