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About the Centre for Corporate Governance

Expert research - cutting edge thought leadership

The Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) is an independent, cross-disciplinary research centre that draws on the expertise of our faculty to test, debate and challenge research. It examines the effectiveness of corporate governance in all its forms across the globe, publishes pioneering solutions to global business problems and directly impacts the way the world does business.

Inaugurated in 2006, the Centre is led by Paul Coombes, Chairman, and Alex Edmans, Academic Director.

Investigating issues - influencing decision makers

The primary focus of the CCG is to:

  • Develop outstanding business research on the major issues of corporate governance, to influence the thinking of policy makers, corporate leaders and institutional investors, and publish findings in leading financial and economics journals
  • Stimulate academic debate by providing a regular platform for the the academic and practitioner communities to regularly engage in productive dialogue on key corporate Governance issues, and share research through seminars and conferences worldwide.

The Centre focuses on a wide range of key governance issues including:

  • Different ownership patterns and their rationale
  • The governance of financial institutions
  • Shareholder activism and stewardship
  • Family controlled companies and block holding
  • Different shareholding structures and ownership/voting rights 
  • CEO and board effectiveness 
  • The adequacy of information flows to boards 
  • The role and scope of corporate social responsibility
  • Encourage mechanisms that re-establish trust in our financial system.  

Funding research - funding progress


We are always looking for new ways to grow our research programme, to deliver thought leadership that directly impacts the way the world does business.

We welcome support from companies, trusts, foundations and individuals. If you are interested in supporting our research effort or the Centre in general, please contact Nicole Hergarten-Tucker, Executive Director: