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The business world is suffering from a lack of trust, with citizens around the globe believing that companies pursue short-term profit and enrich their executives at the expense of long-term growth and wider society.

Effective corporate governance is critical to ensure that companies focus on the long-term benefits of both their shareholders and stakeholders.

The Centre for Corporate Governance’s mission is to use rigorous research to influence the practice of corporate governance. It provides a platform for two-way debate and the sharing of ideas between academics and practitioners.


The Centre focuses on the following overarching themes:


UK Stewardship Code Revision

Alex Edmans’ Response to the FRC Consultation on the Proposed Revision to the UK Stewardship Code


Workers on boards: Evidence doesn’t support compulsion

The UK Corporate Governance Code says that worker directors are one of three options for ensuring employee voice is heard in the boardroom. The jury is still out on whether workers on boards is the right approach for granting them a meaningful voice at their company. By Tom Gosling


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