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Predicting winners

Ben Laurance

Are there patterns in the performance of stock market investments? And can they be exploited?

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7 essential reads on negotiation

Selin Kesebir

Selin Kesebir, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, offers her seven top books

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Kraft Heinz versus Unilever: a contest between two models of capitalism

Julian Birkinshaw

What to make of Kraft Heinz’ decision to drop its $143 billion bid for Unilever?

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Executing strategy: the four stages of success

Costas Markides

Do you have the right structures, processes and people to support your strategy?

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Your peak performance guide: a spotlight on wellness

Jeff Archer

Put this ultimate seven-point strategy to work as part of your daily routine

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How to set up a social enterprise

Kathy Brewis

Why The Big Issue, a magazine distributed by people facing extreme poverty, is a business, not a charity

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Tips for getting the best out of people, projects and places

Gary Hamel

Faculty share strategic, psychological and social insights from the 2017 HR Strategy Forum event

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Why negative emotions can spark creativity

Michael Parke

Dr Michael Parke explores how feeling worried or frustrated can push people to achieve better results

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Is leading a team of individuals an oxymoron?

Margaret Ormiston

Not at all, say Margaret Ormiston and Niro Sivanathan, who offer tips on how to manage the individual experience of diversity

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The three stages of leadership

David Lewis

Your leadership journey is unique to you, but there are three distinct stages almost every leader will go through on their way to the top.

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Digital transformation: why you need to reimagine your business model

Jamie Anderson

What can traditional manufacturers learn from the new world of connected devices? The product is no longer where you make the profit

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Does it pay to let employees express their true feelings?

Michael Parke

Why establishing a workplace climate where people can share their emotions leads to greater productivity, innovation and creativity

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Lessons in courage – how women make big decisions

Kathleen O’Connor

An ongoing study of women’s careers reveals one big lesson: be fearless

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Gender inequality: where are all the men?

Eliot Sherman

Gender parity is still a way off. But encouraging more men into the debate could help bring it closer

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A new world border: London’s creativity after Brexit

Michaël Bikard

Borders block creativity. What can businesses operating in the UK do to remain at the forefront of innovation?

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How swapping life stories can make you a better leader

Nigel Nicholson

Professor Nigel Nicholson on why executives should explore their own timeline and take interest in other people’s experiences

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Sustainability post-Brexit: the great invisible issue

Ioannis Ioannou

LBS’s Ioannis Ioannou says government and businesses must tackle environmental issues head-on to ensure the UK remains competitive.

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