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Four enabling change agents 

Professor Lord Darzi

Surgeon and director of the global healthcare institute, Professor Lord Darzi shares four essential keystones in change management.

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Aravind Eye Care System

Thulasiraj Ravilla

Delivering successful innovation in the healthcare arena is not just about identifying promising improvements.

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Achieving ‘Lifework’

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson and Ayelet Baron venture beyond the workplace, broadening out the definition of what it means to be successful.

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The long road back

Sir Michael Rake

Sir Michael Rake, Chairman, reveals how diversifying and taking on Sky Sports for TV rights has aided the company’s revival.

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From Idea to Life-Saving Innovation

Toby Cosgrove

Only through innovation will we find new treatments and solutions with which to meet challenges of chronic diseases.

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Getting from A to B

Steve Coomber

Steve Coomber reports on how Gang Luo is mapping out Uber Shenzhen's route to success.

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The value of Uber

Chris Higson

Can Uber justify its $50bn price tag?

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Are you measuring the right things right?

Nader Tavassoli

Professor Nader Tavassoli reveals a more sophisticated approach to measuring brand-related performance

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Brand impact – it’s greater for CEOs than customers

Nader Tavassoli

A strong brand means attracting better executives and paying them less.

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Translating strategy into results: part two

Rebecca Homkes

In part two of a two-part blog, Rebecca Homkes, discusses how to frame our thinking of how to approach execution.

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An affair of the heart

Richard Hytner

Why emotions matter when it comes to branding.

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A recent history of leadership development in executive education

Adam Kingl

Adam Kingl, Executive Director of Learning Solutions, traces the path of transformative executive development at London Business School.

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