Stefano De Cesaris

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Accounting

MSc (LUISS Guido Carli)

Dr Stefano De Cesaris’s professional background is in investment banking; he worked at Goldman Sachs in M&A and Equity research at the start of his career and has subsequently continued to work with investment banks and investment funds as a consultant and trainer. Stefano’s key area of expertise is hands-on corporate financial analysis, along the spectrum of financial accounting and financial statement analysis, corporate financial forecasting, corporate valuation and transaction analysis (M&A and LBO analysis). Stefano has over 15 years of experience teaching financial analysis to professional and student audiences worldwide.

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    • Financial Accounting
      Financial accounting is the language of business and aims to communicate results to owners and help investors estimate a firm's value. Learn the fundamental concepts behind financial accounting and how accounts can be read and interpreted.. Develop an understanding of the financial reporting process, with a particular emphasis on how financial statements are put together. See how they are used in the corporate world for shareholder equity and inter-corporate investment. You will be able to comprehend, analyse, and discuss the annual reports of firms ranging from a multinational's annual report to a start-up's business plan.
    • Financial and Managerial Accounting
      Modern analytics has endless applications at the intersection of financial and non-financial data. Explore and solve real-world problems and data sets and apply analytics in a financial setting. Analyse, explain and justify your findings to a VC general partner or a C-suite executive.
    • Financial Reporting Analytics
      Financial Reporting Analytics
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    • Financial Statement Analysis
      The purpose of this course is to provide users with critical skills to analyse public companies' financial statements from the investor's perspective. The course is designed to be extremely practical and current in nature, and is aimed at getting you well on your way to becoming an informed and sceptical user of financial reporting information and in turn, laying the framework for you to become a competent and confident investor. The course will primarily consist of the following three components : i) pre-lecture notes that should be read prior to the class, ii) the lecture slides that will be available at the beginning of the course; and iii) current cases written, also available at the beginning of the course. Most of the cases will be in real-time so that we can simulate making investment decisions without the benefit of hindsight bias, and you can decide whether after our analyses you want to include the stock in your mock portfolio.
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