Anja Lambrecht

Professor of Marketing

Diplom-Kauffrau MSc PhD (Goethe)

Professor Anja Lambrecht’s research focuses on digital marketing, with a particular emphasis on online targeting and advertising as well as promotion and pricing. She has examined how firms can use retargeting to reach out to consumers and how firms can advertise on Twitter to early trend propagators. Her work on digital pricing has examined, among others, freemium pricing for online content sites and mobile apps. Her current work further focuses on how spillovers between different economic actors in digital markets can lead to apparent algorithmic bias.

Professor Lambrecht’s work has been published in leading marketing journals, including the Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science and Management Science. In 2014, she received the Paul E. Green Award, in 2016 and 2017 she was a finalist for the INFORMS Society of Marketing Science Long Term Impact Award and in 2018 she received the William F. O’Dell Award. She is an Associate Editor at Marketing Science and the Journal of Marketing and a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Marketing Research.

Professor Lambrecht teaches the Marketing core course and the elective “Channel and Sales Force Management”.

Before joining London Business School, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a Visiting Scholar at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to her academic life, Anja Lambrecht worked as consultant at McKinsey & Company in Frankfurt. Anja has a Ph.D. from Goethe University, Frankfurt. She also holds a Diplom-Kauffrau from Goethe University, Frankfurt and a Maîtrise des Sciences de Gestion from Université Paris-Dauphine, Paris.

  • Pricing
  • Choice and usage under nonlinear pricing
  • Biases in tariff choice
  • Online advertising
  • Electronic markets


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Social Sciences Research Network

Asymmetric Consequences of Cyber-Vulnerability on Health Services

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Price Promotions and Online Product Evaluations

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Spillover Effects and Freemium Strategy in the Mobile App Market

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TV Advertising and Online Sales: The Role of Inter-Temporal Substitution

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The effect of individual online reviews on purchase likelihood

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Tuck School of Business Working Paper


Tensile promotions in display advertising

Lambrecht A; Tucker C E

Social Sciences Research Network

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      When is making a change to a webpage, an algorithm, prices or products worthwhile? Is my advertising effective? Businesses increasingly use experiments to answer these questions. However, implementing experiments is not always straightforward. This class teaches causal methods with a special focus on field experiments, when they work and how to apply them. We will discuss how to measure impact in business situations and how to evaluate claims of impact made by others. Topics include field experiments (also: randomized controlled trials) and other methods that can be used when experiments are not feasible. The methods can be used in a variety of business contexts, but they have become especially important for digital businesses that are able to easily implement experiments. Methods are illustrated with examples from businesses such as Ebay and Uber and in areas such as advertising, pricing, product design or distribution channel decisions.
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