Vidur Varma

Guest lecturer

Vidur is a Guest Lecturer at LBS and teaches the Wealth Management and Equity Investment Management electives for the master’s programs and Personal Finance core subject for Master’s in Financial Analysis programme.

He frequently teaches on ESG & Sustainable investing, Capital Markets, Hedge Funds & Liquid Alternatives, Technology trends, Crypto and Real Estate investing, in other elective courses, and for Executive Education.

As a practitioner, he brings together his experience and knowledge of the markets and business, to connect the dots between market events, academic concepts, current trends, and the future.

Vidur has 24 years’ experience in banking and financial services - wealth management, investments, consumer banking, insurance, FX, and payments; across private clients, affluent & mass affluent customer segments, and has worked in UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. He has worked for 22 years in Citibank, and his last role at Citibank was as Director – Head of Wealth Management for Citibank UK and Citi International Personal Bank EMEA (offshore banking), covering P&L, strategy, product management, investment advisory, leading client facing specialist & advisory teams.

Vidur has extensively worked with wealthy families and family offices to help them with strategies to manage portfolios, intergenerational wealth transfer, set up & run family office, develop & execute investment strategies, identify external managers, invest in alternatives, manage risk, set up governance structure, understand & adapt to market changes & technology evolution, train the younger generation on wealth, and helping build family legacy.

Vidur has been on the UK Finance – Personal Finance committee and before that on the British Bankers Association – Personal Products and Services’ committee. He has also been the Chair of Citibank Consumer CASS Sub Committee for Client Assets. During his career he has extensively presented at industry conferences, client events, panel discussions and appeared on CNBC.

Currently Vidur is a yoga teacher focusing on physical and mental well-being, managing stress, finding your purpose, and achieving full potential.