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The most powerful lesson my cancer taught me about life and work


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The stories that we generate and tell ourselves can have huge effects on our behaviors and the results we create. If we can craft a better story about the meaning of our circumstances, then we can change the way we relate to those circumstances. The result? Better emotions and better outcomes. The first step is to identify the stories you’ve already been telling yourself. We have stories running around in our brains about all our actions. Sometimes we start to believe in the things that people around us say, especially when extrinsic rewards like job offers and status are on the line. The next step is to choose a story that is more inspiring and based on personal values, perspectives, and experience. This will allow you to interpret your impact in better ways. The story that inspires you only has to be true to you. You do not need to “sell it” to anyone else for it to ignite your positive emotions and resilience. The final step is, after revealing and “re-purposing” what you do, to change your behavior. Hopefully, you can seek out more activities and responsibilities that align with your passions.

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