London Business School Job Board - Reciprocal Access

Alumni of the following Partner business schools can subscribe to the LBS Jobs Board to receive access for 12 months; with the option to extend.

Harvard Business School

Kellogg Graduate School of Management

Stanford Graduate School of Business


Columbia Business School

This service is made possible through a reciprocal agreement between London Business School and each peer school. Participation is optional and you do not need to notify your business school. This is a one-year subscription; with the opportunity to extend.

If you have any questions please contact Alumni Career Centre +44 (0)20 7000 7404

To subscribe:

1. Complete your details in the online form below

Note: You MUST use your business school lifelong email address. No other email address can be used

2. Login details will be sent to you at your school lifelong email address

Please provide the following:

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