Why is hybrid work here to stay?

Lynda Gratton discusses the future of work in this episode of The Why Podcast


Maximizing work efficiency is a core priority for every company. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, measuring efficiency was, more or less, dependent on the tangible presence of the employee(s) in the workplace. However, this week saw 56 out of 61 companies trailing the ‘four-day week’ continue with the new pattern of work. With work from home and hybrid working cultures becoming increasingly popular, some employers are worried that work efficiency may take a backseat. Alternatively, others are optimistic that flexible working may lead to an increase in work output while also improving the work-life balance of their staff.

Whether companies should espouse remote working or not is a topic thoroughly discussed in this podcast with Professor Lynda Gratton best-selling author and Director of HR Strategy and Transforming Organisations programme at London Business School.

In conversation with London Business School’s Kathy Brewis, Lynda explains the productivity advantages that can materialize when employees are given autonomy over their place and time of work, while also laying bare the potential challenges that face employees new to the workforce.

Although flexible working may seem like the new norm, it is not a blanket change applicable to all sectors; every company’s needs are different. Listen to find out whether remote working is right for your organisation and the key factors to consider beforehand.

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Lynda Gratton is Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, where she directs the HR Strategy for Transforming Organisations programme. Her books include The Shift, The 100-Year-Life (with Professor Andrew Scott) and Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organisation & Make Hybrid Work for Everyone.

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