The radical fringe: An interview with Gary Hamel

Gary Hamel has been labelled “the world’s reigning strategy guru” and “the most influential thinker on strategy in the Western world”.


He calls for radical innovation in business, telling companies that they must continually reinvent themselves, not just at times of crisis. His landmark book, co-authored with C K Prahalad, Competing for the Future, was Business Week’s book of the year in 1995. Its 2000 sequel, Leading the evolution, was also a best-seller. Hamel is a founder of Strategos, an international consulting firm, director of the Woodside Institute, a non-profit research organisation, and a visiting professor at London Business School. Gary Hamel talked with Stuart Crainer from his office in Woodside, California.

What is the basis of your latest thinking?

The basic proposition of my recent work is that most of the things that moved earnings and share prices upwards during the last decade have reached their arithmetic limit.

One hundred years from now people will look back at the last decade, especially the last half of the decade, as an economic aberration. It was a time when a variety of forces conspired together positively to create a buoyant economic climate.

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