Not as advertised

The latest academic research, distilled and dissected. Not as advertised, Tim Ambler, ‘Public health, advertising and reality’, World ...


Researchers analysing public health issues all too often put the blame for problems they are studying — such as alcoholism, smoking or obesity — on advertising.

Often, when their findings are analysed carefully, it becomes clear that their investigations lack the kind of scientific rigour demanded of researchers into medical issues, resulting in faulty recommendations.

Tim Ambler, an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at London Business School, set about to explore a case study of alcohol advertising in order to draw attention to this kind of unscientific work, work that inflames prejudice against advertising rather than discovering the roots of the public health problem and solutions that could make a real difference.

The full article Not as advertised can be found in the Summer 2010 issue of Business Strategy Review.

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