Issues and uncertainties in the global economy

Listen and discover how businesses can deal with the challenges and opportunities facing them from economic pressures


How can businesses deal with the challenges and opportunities facing them from global economic pressures and uncertainties? 

This was one of the questions discussed at a recent LBS event by a panel of LBS faculty that included Professor Richard Portes, Professor Lucrezia Reichlin, Professor Jérémie Gallien, and Professor Nicos Savva. 

The panel explored the multiple inter-connected pressures on the global economy – from war and climate change to inflation and supply chain disruption, looking at how these issues could impact the outlook for business. 

The discussion was moderated by Eshe Nelson, Business and Economics Reporter at The New York Times. 

The podcast is introduced by Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Vice-Dean at London Business School. 

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