Inside a software giant

Bernard Liautaud founded the software company Business Objects in 1990. Here he tells the story of his company’s remarkable growth

Bernard Liautaud founded the enterprise software company Business Objects in 1990, he was CEO for 15 years and then chairman until 2008. In 1994, the company became the first European software IPO on Nasdaq.

This video is provided by the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

By 2007, Business Objects had 6,700 employees, 45,000 customers, $1.5 billion of revenue and had become the world leader in business intelligence and one of the 15 largest software companies in the world.

In 2008 Business Objects was acquired by SAP for $6.8 billion, making it the third-largest software acquisition at the time. Since the sale, Bernard has joined Balderton Capital, investing in other entrepreneurs and innovators. Here he tells the inside story of his company’s remarkable growth.

This is taken from the student run TELL series.

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