India's vital statistics

Numbers are the fuel which drives the Indian economy. They also shed light on the country's history and its dynamic economic future.


The Bottom Line


While there is no uniform measure of poverty in India, according to World Bank measures 9.8% of the population were below the national poverty line in 2010. This is a substantial improvement from 45.3% in 1994. Classified as a lower middle income country, India ranks 149th in the world in terms of gross national income per capita, with average annual income at $1,330.

Thirst Quenching

988.3Million kg

India's tea production in 2011. India is the second largest producer of the world's most popular drink. The country exported close to 180 million kg of tea last year. India is also the world's largest grower of mangoes, producing 16.3 million in 2010.

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