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‘In order to change others, we needed to change ourselves’

How Enel and Zensar Technologies moved to 100% digital businesses to foster innovation, empower their people and grow – and did it work?

“We have 71 million customers. We could be selling them other goods and services”

Francesco Starace, CEO, Enel

“If there comes a time when our customers can generate all the electricity they need by themselves, we won’t be in business”

Francesco Starace, CEO, Enel

“We have two universes. One is people and the other is machines”

Francesco Starace, CEO, Enel

“Relevancy is the new currency”

Sandeep Kishore, CEO, Zensar Technologies

“Everything is native digital, native mobile and native AI now. It helps us be ahead of the curve and aligns with our mission of creating value for the customer”

Sandeep Kishore, CEO, Zensar Technologies



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