Happiness matters: the how and the why

Individuals, organisations and governments are taking notice of happiness. Find out how you and your organisation can be happier


This is a podcast about happiness with three organisational behaviour experts, Professor Dan Cable, and Assistant Professors Selin Kesebir and Michael Parke.

Happiness is big business. Organisations are now taking an intense interest in happiness and the link to productivity. Governments too are moving away from the purely economic concept of GDP to measuring the wellbeing of a nation. Find out why happiness matters and how to create happier workplaces and a happier you.

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cagbakwuru978 4 years, 7 months and 28 days ago

Happiness is one of the hidden natural human virtues which manifests when a particular ego is fed depending on individuals. However, a school of thought believes that happiness can be created by applying conditions that are capable of eliciting satisfaction in various sectors of interests whilst other conditions are capable of beclouding happiness manifestations in some humans. Therefore, happiness like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder depending on what conditions that makes anyone happy.