Can hypnosis heal you?

Ever wondered how hypnosis works?

Ever wondered how hypnosis works? London Business School student Daniel Robaczewski started a career in hypnotism when he was 17. By 22, he’d retired, but he took with him the tools for the job, which he still uses today.

Hypnosis is three times more powerful than nicotine patches when it comes to quitting smoking, and fifteen times more powerful than will alone, yet it still gets bad press. Daniel says that in every public show he’s done, at least one person stands up and accuses him of working with the devil.

In this TEDxLBS talk, Daniel debunks the myths that still pervade around hypnosis and demonstrates the power that it can have on everybody. Even the most hardened sceptic can be hypnotised.

If a cocaine addict can get clean through hypnosis, and it can enable doctors can operate on patients with no anaesthetic, aren’t we all missing a trick?


These films were created as part of TEDx London Business School. Ideas worth spreading, from the LBS community.

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