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Whether you are looking to recruit for permanent, internship or project positions, we offer a range of different events.

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Recruitment on campus typically falls into two cycles - autumn term and spring term recruitment. However, we can work with you to coordinate recruitment activities on a rolling basis throughout the year and regularly work with recruiters on their specific schedules throughout the year.  

Here are just some of the ways you can connect with our students and alumni if you have a position to fill:

Recruitment events

We host a range of recruitment events throughout the year - with three flagship events in autumn, spring and summer. We also hold an event tailored specifically for the needs of Executive Search Consultants that takes place in May.

These events provide great opportunities to network with the brightest and best global talent from our student and alumni community. At the events you can:

  • Educate students and alumni about your organisation
  • Build your brand across all our programmes
  • Submit current vacancies to our online job board prior to the event so you can discuss current opportunities at the event
  • Explore the different skills and experiences of attendees prior to the event through our pre-event CV book.


Presentations are a great opportunity to introduce your company to our students; they can include Q&A sessions and usually take place in a lecture theatre.

A networking session normally follows directly after a presentation in which students can chat informally to your team to:

  • Ask questions
  • Exchange business cards 
  • Get to know you and your organisation better.

Presentations are typically held:

  • Monday to Friday from 11:15 to 12:45
  • Thursday at 18:45 
  • Friday at 15:45

To book presentation follow these steps:

Networking and round table discussions

If you would like to meet with our students in a more informal context or do not have specific information to present then you can host a drinks reception or invite a group of targeted students to a round table Q&A session at the School or at your offices.

To arrange this type of event please contact career services.

On-campus presentation policy

  • The allocation of dates will be based on recruiter choice and past recruitment history with London Business School. Exceptions may be made by Career Services in regards to international offices only.
  • No presentation will be advertised to students without Career Services receiving a job posting.
  • If menus and numbers are not confirmed to Career Services at least one week before the presentation date, Career Services will order the standard catering menu for the number of students signed up. Recruiters will be charged for number of students catering is ordered for.
  • Career Services can not distribute promotional material prior to the day of an event.



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