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Sponsoring an employee on a Masters in Finance programme is a major investment. It’s a commitment to increase your company’s productivity, to enhance job satisfaction and improve employee retention. Your people return to work hungry, confident and ready to apply their world-class education to your business.

Our top-ranked Masters in Finance programme gives your employees the tools and confidence they need to propel their careers forward. They evolve their business thinking and develop an understanding of the latest financial tools and techniques, with the ability to analyse financial information and make informed decisions that will directly impact your business.


  • Teach your people how to overcome the challenges facing your business.
  • Bring powerful expertise and new thinking to your organisation.
  • Immediate application of skills to your business.
  • Greater creativity and motivation.

Benefits to your business


  • Increase efficiency and productivity – your employees benefit from our world-class finance faculty, diverse and international student body, thought leadership and business expertise.  
  • Solutions to align with your organisation's needs – the programme can be tailored to your company’s specific business needs, to provide analysis on specific issues.
  • Membership of the Annual Employers’ Evening – build your network alongside other company sponsors, discuss business issues with faculty and staff.

Benefits to your employees


Company project


Sponsored students have the opportunity to analyse an event, transaction or situation related to your company. Their conclusions could be highly valuable to your organisation’s future strategy. 




Expand your employees' specialist skills with in-depth learning focused on Corporate Finance, Investment Management and Analysis, and Risk Management and Derivatives. 


Personal development programme


Individually tailored programme develops your people into well rounded business people who not only have highly technical financial skills, but who are self-aware and possess strong interpersonal and management. 


International exchange


Exchanges to top universities in the Asia Pacific region provide invaluable global business perspectives, insights and experiences – for your employees and for your company.


Real-world exposure


Gain unparalleled exposure to real-world challenges through sector-specific events. These events also provide networking opportunities with industry experts from around the world.


  • Your employees return with the drive, expertise and passion to succeed.
  • You gain access to a global alumni network of more than 42,000 business professionals, in more than 130 countries.
  • There are global networking opportunities through high-profile events and debates.

To find out more about sponsoring your employees, contact Juan Rosati, Business Development Manager, Degree Programmes:


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7000 7582

Or download the Invest in your talent brochure.

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To find out more about sponsoring your employees, contact Juan Rosati, Business Development Manager, Degree Programmes:


Tel: +44(0) 20 7000 7582

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