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Wherever the audience, or however complex the strategic need, our innovative Executive Education programmes have consistently delivered business success for our clients, across the globe.

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Some of our previous clients include:

  • A.T. Kearney – A learning journey designed to reimagine the firm's culture
  • Kuwait Petroleum Corporation – Developing a top-level leadership team to achieve a long-term strategy of secure financial stability, prosperity and the creation of jobs beyond 2020 to 2030
  • Microsoft – Equipping the sales team to build greater trust and credibility with their clients across the globe
  • Nordea – Developing a pipeline of next-generation strategic leaders
  • Danone – Empowering their senior executives to develop new ways of thinking by placing discovery learning at the core
  • Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) – Helping business leaders grow their business with immediate takeaways and action plans
  • Oman Oil – Building a talent pool to support the company’s ambitious growth plan
  • Smurfit Kappa – Equipping the company to maintain its competitive edge in a volatile environment
  • Telenor – Developing a new, customer-centric approach to marketing
  • Søren Jensen – Driving organisational change at a time when the Danish engineering company had doubled in size

A.T. Kearney

In 2013, London Business School partnered with A.T. Kearney to establish the Expanding Horizons development programme, a learning journey which was designed to reimagine the firm’s culture.

Participants examine the core interpersonal behaviours they needed to build strong, long-lasting relationships. They also explore the firm’s core values and culture, reflect on their individual leadership style and focus on influencing others.

Participants develop the knowledge and expertise to nurture deeper relationships with colleagues and clients. They are better equipped to lead rather than follow, challenge rather than accommodate and thrive rather than survive in an ever-changing industry.



Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

This case study explores the custom programme developed by London Business School for the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation in conjunction with the National Technology Enterprises Company Kuwait. The study examines the scale and accomplishments of the programme, as well as the unique tripartite collaboration between the three key stakeholders that delivered its success.

Since its launch in May 2014, 300 participants, representing the entire top tier of leadership at KPC, have graduated from the programme. Four cohorts of executives and eight cohorts of managers have acquired a KPC leadership mind-set. They’ve become leadership role models for the organisation, empowered to take responsibility for delivering ambitious growth and equipped to deal with the future challenges of a volatile, competitive environment.


How did Microsoft help its sales teams worldwide to build greater trust and credibility with their clients? And what innovative approach did the global tech company take to truly understand its customers and their challenges?

Microsoft worked with London Business School (LBS) to develop the Public Sector Course, an innovative, award-winning digital programme for teaching its sellers to be trusted advisors. Participants learn not only the knowledge and skills that align to new products and services but also develop the collaborative and interpersonal skills to engage better with customers. The course ranks among Microsoft’s highest ever in terms of completion rate, relevancy and overall satisfaction. More than 1,500 Microsoft sales professionals have taken the course, leading to greater customer engagement.





Inspiring and influencing people, planning and strategic execution are the cornerstones of the Nordea Strategic Leadership Programme. It was designed to give Nordea’s top leaders the knowledge and expertise to tackle banking industry challenges.

The three-module programme sees participants being divided into coaching groups to exchange ideas and learn from one another. They also explore authentic leadership and how to influence others, strategic challenges, threats and opportunities, customer value and driving growth.

Participants in the first cohort were surveyed six months after taking the programme. 87% agreed that identifying ways to address strategic challenges helped them to hone their leadership skills. Meanwhile, 61% said the exercise had added significant value to their business. Senior executives’ leadership behaviours improved considerably following the programme, according to a Nordea 360 feedback review.


Danone’s Leading Edge Programme

In 2003, food producer Danone introduced a high-level management development programme for the organisation’s senior executives. The goal was to provide top talent with the business perspectives needed to reinvent themselves, their business divisions and how they operate in their home territories.

The company and LBS designed Leading Edge, an experiential programme that enhances participants’ leadership capabilities and helps them to develop new ways of thinking. It challenges senior executives to reconsider their assumptions and reflect on the constraints of habitual behaviour.

Since the programme was introduced, 71 of the 230 participants have been promoted, with six joining the company’s board. In 2013, Leading Edge received the EFMD Award for Excellence in Practice in Executive Education Programmes. 

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)

The association’s mission is to give chief executives a global platform to engage, learn and grow. It connects 24,000 business leaders in more than 130 countries with a shared mission: better leaders through education and idea exchange.

The YPO Growing Your Business programme combines academic rigour and real insights from world-class faculty, giving participants immediate takeaways for their business. YPO member Robert Frances, Chairman and CEO of PEAK Financial Group, says the programme was eye-opening. “I was worried about how to grow my company. But on top of that, I had to be a father and spouse and needed to think about looking after my health.

“At LBS, I was in an environment where I could learn from people from all over the world. They had the exact same interests in business as me, they were facing the same challenges in terms of growing an entrepreneurial business and they had the same passion for balancing many aspects of their lives.”



Oman Oil

Building a talent pool to support the oil company’s ambitious five-year growth plan was the catalyst for the TAKATUF Leadership Programme. That was in 2012 – and it’s still going strong today.

Middle managers who take the programme focus on personal leadership and business skills, finance, operations, management, strategy design and execution and leading change. They return to Oman Oil with the business knowledge and tools to boost efficiency and team performance and increase customer satisfaction.




Smurfit Kappa

How can Smurfit Kappa maintain its competitive edge? That was the challenge facing the paper-based packaging company in 2010. The answer was to send its country CEOs on LBS’s Senior Executive Programme and its regional general managers on the Accelerated Development Programme.

The CEOs and regional managers alike offered similar feedback. They had more confidence in decision-making, the tools to drive the business forward and a broader perspective of the company. Many also reported enhanced communication skills and more energetic leadership.



For Telenor, gaining market share in Europe and Asia was a great success – but also a big challenge. The global mobile operator had to continue attracting new clients while retaining existing ones. It needed a global marketing function that was customer-centric and attuned to the different requirements of varying markets.

Partnering with LBS to develop the Strategic Marketing Programme has had the desired impact. The 250+ marketing executives who have taken the programme report greater customer-centricity, improved strategic thinking and better decision-making.


Søren Jensen

Doubling in size within 10 years is a challenge for any organisation and Søren Jensen is no exception. The Danish engineering company needed to develop its infrastructure to take on increasingly bigger, more complex projects. The aim was to introduce a new management structure with middle managers, establish a single company culture and foster greater employee engagement.

The company identified two programmes to help achieve its objectives: Leading Change and Essentials of Leadership programme. Participants were taught advanced leadership skills, how to enhance their strongest traits and ways of identifying personal and organisational priorities.

Since taking the programmes, managers have adopted more effective leadership models, improved communications, introduced feedback sessions and streamlined processes.