Valentina Sara Schneider

  • Degree Programme: PhD in Organisational Behaviour

Master of Science in Management from University of Mannheim, Germany

Master in International Business from the Darla Moore School of Business, South Carolina, USA

Additional to my Masters degrees, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at University of Mannheim, Germany.
From my first semester as an Undergraduate onwards throughout my whole studies US I worked as an undergraduate and graduate research assistant for professors in Germany and the US. Between my Masters and the start of the LBS PhD programme, I worked in the Senior Executive Leadership Department for a large chemical firm in Ludwigshafen, Germany (BASF SE) where I gained practical insights relevant for my area of interest; Leadership topics.
Outside of academia, I am still curious and thus enjoy traveling, trying out new foods and reading a lot. I also try to do a lot of sports, as I am a former Division 1 College Tennis player (University of Louisville, KY, USA).