Nazli Sonmez

  • Degree Programme: PhD in Management Science and Operations

MSc Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, BS Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University

Nazlı Sönmez is a PhD Candidate in the department of Management Science and Operations at London Business School. Her research goal is to use data and models to better understand operational innovation in healthcare delivery and help solve real problems in this area. Her current research focuses on healthcare delivery interventions for creating better outcomes, and access to healthcare through collaborations with the Aravind Eye Hospital, in India and the Cooper University Health Care, in Camden, New Jersey. She is on the academic job market this year and available for interviews at the 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting.

In her PhD, her main research focus has been on advancing rigorous evidence on shared medical appointments (SMAs), which in contrast to one-on-one appointments, compromise privacy while enabling peer interactions. In her first research project on shared medical appointments, she assesses the effectiveness of shared medical appointments as an alternative to traditional one-on-one appointments for glaucoma patients through a randomized controlled trial conducted with 1,000 patients over a three-year period, at the Aravind Eye Hospital, in Pondicherry, India. Her paper on “Can Shared Service Delivery Increase Customer Engagement? A Study of Shared under Medical Appointments” is a finalist in the 2020 MSOM Student Paper Competition. In a related project with the Cooper University Health Care, in Camden, New Jersey, she is modelling how providers should allocate capacity across SMAs and one-on-one appointments.

She particularly enjoys working on the projects which combine healthcare delivery innovation and social impact. She aims to solve real problems in healthcare using a combination of data and models.

Prior to starting her PhD at London Business School, Nazlı completed her MSc and BS degrees in Industrial Engineering at Bilkent University, where she received the Academic Excellence in Master of Science Studies award.

In 2020, Nazli won the Sir James Ball Annual PhD Award which was given to one PhD student across seven subject areas. Nazli was also awarded the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development PhD Award, a prestigious recognition of cutting-edge research at the intersection of business and development. Learn more

Featured Research

Nazli’s research is featured in the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development brochure.


1.Research on Shared Medical Appointments



2. Increasing the Follow-up Rate of Patients Requiring Emergency and High-Consequence Treatment

Research interests

  • Healthcare Operations Management
  • Operational Innovation in Healthcare Delivery
  • Empirical Research
  • Behavioral Operations Management
  • Environmental Sustainability