Advait (Leo) Jayant

  • Degree Programme: PhD in Accounting

Advait (Leo) is a doctoral candidate in Accounting at London Business School with a specialization in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. He also serves as Research Partner (Head of Research) and Academic Adviser to Fabric Ventures – a blockchain-focussed venture fund, where he leads their research efforts on building the next generation of Web 3.0 and empowers entrepreneurs with the knowledge and capital required to build it.  

Prior to joining the PHD programme, Advait pursued a Masters in Analytics and Management at London Business School, where he became fascinated by how the deployment of capital shapes the world. Before the Masters, Advait specialised in Computer Science, and created master courses on Data Structures and Algorithms in C++, Data Science and Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics, in partnership with Technics Publications. Advait combines his expertise of deep learning, distributed databases, and blockchain, and knowledge of asset pricing and portfolio optimisation, to build, invest in, and provide advice to start-ups.  

Through the PHD programme, Advait plans to further academic research in the intersection of accounting, blockchain, and venture capital, and study the dynamics of crypto-capital markets. He is extremely passionate about researching valuation frameworks in a blockchain era, does tokenisation improve liquidity, and use of private blockchain for accounting, to drive both retail and institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies.