West meets East London Business School presents China Week


As China prepares for an historic leadership change, with sweeping economic implications, London Business School is bringing together experts, academics, and professionals for an East-West dialogue for its China Week.

As business commentators eagerly watch events in East Asia unfold, London Business School’s China Week will host two timely conferences.

The first event, hosted by London Business School on 6 November, in conjunction with the Chinese Europe International Business School (CEIBS), is the Changwei Europe Forum 2012. Entitled China’s Economy: Seeking Momentum for New Growth, the invitation-only event features 25 speakers including Xiaoming Liu, China’s Ambassador to the UK; Andrew Scott, Deputy Dean and Professor of Economics, London Business School; Shang Zhong, Minister of Commerce, People’s Republic of China, and Wenjian Fang, Director and CEO, Bank of China.

As China faces tremendous growth uncertainty, the conference poses a number of questions to its expert panellists: 

  • Should the renminbi appreciate or depreciate at a time of dollar depreciation and the European debt crisis? 
  • How will China continue its transformation when faced with sluggish domestic consumption and a weak export sector? 
  • How can domestic companies start their globalisation journey after encountering repeated setbacks overseas?

The following Saturday (10 November), London Business School’s student-led China Club hosts its China Business Forum, bringing together Chinese and European business leaders, with cross-border investments and mergers and acquisitions, innovation and sustainable growth, global marketing and brand management under the spotlight.

Global business professionals, including Savio Kwan, London Business School alumnus and non-executive director, Alibaba, and Natalie Massenet, founder and CEO, Net-a-Porter Group, will share a platform with London Business School academics, Dr Linda Yueh, Prof Rajesh Chandy and Dr Alex Song.

In a packed schedule of activities, the China Club will also visit a number of Chinese and Hong Kong businesses in London, including clothing retailer Bosideng and HSBC Bank.