Chinese C-suite Leaders attend LBS education programme

London Business School and The China Entrepreneurs Club combine to promote excellence in business education


The China Entrepreneurs Club "CEC", a non-profit organisation made up of the most influential business leaders in China, has for the first time engaged with London Business School as part of its international study tour programme.

The CEC is chaired by Mr Liu Chanzhi, Chairman of Lenovo Group. Its executive board includes Wang Jianlin, of Wanda Group, and Jack Ma, of Ali Baba Holdings. It was founded in 2006 to promote entrepreneurship and the sustainable development of the Chinese economy and wider society.

Senior executives were entertained by the British Ambassador in Beijing before heading to the UK. In a four day visit, the first of its kind for the club, they worked with London Business School’s world renowned faculty to gain insight into effective leadership, influence, human resources management, branding and marketing.

It is hoped that these skills will be applied to boost innovation and entrepreneurship throughout China and also to support better relationships between Chinese business leaders and their UK counterparts.

Mr Hu Dong Long, Chairman of leading advertising firm Walk-On Advertising, who is part of the delegation from the Chinese Entrepreneurs Club said: "I have been planning to visit London Business School for the past ten years. The courses are organised and detailed, and the focus on world trends, leadership and personal influence has given me a new perspective on the Chinese advertising industry. Likewise, the strong focus on logical thinking in these courses has reminded me of how important it is to evaluate business situations with a clear head."

He added: "Coming here with the CEC has helped me to reflect on the importance of creativity and innovation in business. Britain is well known for its creative thinking. My visit to London Business School has broadened my understanding of how creativity can be both inspired and executed. I believe the kind of experience I’m enjoying with the CEC and the School is crucial for Chinese brands if they are to stand out in the marketplace, especially if they are active in the creative and media industries."

Mr Wu Shaowu, CEO Hong Kong Ocean Union Group and Founder and Chief Architect, Health Valley, also part of the delegation, said: "My visit to London Business School has been very helpful to me in developing as a specialist in elderly healthcare provision. Working with a world class business school has broadened my horizons and allowed me to fully understand how theory interacts with practice. I've seen that successful companies place social responsibility, talent and a sound corporate culture at the heart of their development."

He added: "A number of young and talented entrepreneurs are popping up in China. Through this tour, CEC and the School are helping enterprises who want to stand out from the crowd and enter international markets. This strategy is crucial to me and other Chinese entrepreneurs to move forward and innovate successfully."

As well as its four day visit to London Business School, CEC executives visited other leading academic institutions in the UK. They also had meetings with Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, visited a leading Premiership football Club and received presentations from major British brands including Burberry, Gieves and Hawkes and Innocent Drinks.

The visit is the first of many, and part of both the CEC’s and School’s commitment to boosting mutual understanding and partnership across the wider global economy.