Top young researcher accolade for Surico

Paolo Surico, Associate Professor of Economics at London Business School, has won a prestigious economics award which recognises him as one of the top young researchers in his field.


He has been selected for a 2011 Kiel Institute Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs.

The aim of the award is to build a community of the brightest young researchers in the field of global economic affairs.

The German-based institute is one of the major centres for research in global economic affairs, economic policy advice and economic education.

The awards, in the form of fellowships, are designed for researchers under the age of 35. The prize winners are given intellectual, financial and administrative support from the Kiel Institute to pursue focused research programmes in designated areas. The resulting research is intended to contribute to knowledge relevant to policy-making and business circles.

Economists are invited to apply for the award by submitting up to three published or unpublished papers in the field of global economic affairs.

Paolo Surico was awarded the Kiel Institute’s 2011 Porsche Fellowship for his outstanding contributions to the field of Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy.
Dr Surico, who is a former research advisor for the external members of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, will be presented the Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs at a ceremony at the Kiel Institute on 19 June 2011.