Students take a bite of the Big Apple

London Business School launches its first Global Business Experience


London Business School today embarked on its first Global Business Experience (GBE) with 80 of its MBA students, to Boston and New York. 

The GBE, an addition to the full-time MBA programme this year, offers the opportunity for second year MBA students to choose from five locations around the world for a week-long learning experience.

Sir Andrew Likierman, Dean of London Business School, said: “The exciting new GBEs reinforce the global nature of the London Business School, with its faculty from 31 countries and its MBA programme with students from 68.”

Each GBE is led by two senior faculty members from different subject areas.  They are designed to be fast-paced, engaging and demanding, and to push students outside their comfort zone.  Students will deliver a group-project working in an unfamiliar environment and with peers with whom they have not worked before.

Each GBE is tailored to its location. Appropriately, this week, students in Boston and New York will focus on understanding incentives in the asset management industry and how prices of financial assets are determined. The School has developed a programme for the week to include lectures, guest speakers, presentations and panel discussions led by luminaries from hedge-fund companies, investment firms, risk management organisations, regulatory agencies and London Business School alumni.

MBA students will hear from a range of speakers, including Harry Markopolos, who unearthed the Madoff scandal - the largest Ponzi scheme in history.  The students will also have the opportunity to visit and hear from executives in a number of companies and regulatory organisations such as the Federal Reserve and the New York Stock Exchange. 

Commenting on the GBE, MBA student Wouter Moerloose, said: “I think we are gearing up to have one of the absolute highlights of our MBA programme. Months ago, we had to decide where we wanted to go for a week-long international assignment in what was tipped as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of all field trips.

“There were five very juicy projects in different corners of the world: entrepreneurship in South Africa, marketing in Istanbul, economics in Hong Kong, strategy in India and finance in the United States.  The opportunity to get backstage access to these players doesn’t come frequently.”

For the 2012-2013 academic year, students will travel to Johannesburg, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Istanbul, as part of the GBE.

For further information please visit here. To read more from our students on the GBE, please visit here.(Update link)