Steve Currall presents to Parliamentary Select Committee

Innovation, Universities and Skills Select Committee invites Steve Currall to present


Visiting Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship Steve Currall presented remarks to the Innovation, Universities and Skills Parliamentary Select Committee on 9 January.

Currall was invited to speak about the real role of universities in maximising the UK’s competitiveness and to examine the demand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) graduates.

Other speakers to the Committee included Lord Sainsbury of Turville, former Minister for Science and Innovation and Chair of the London Business School Board of Governors, and Professor Sir Roy Anderson, incoming Rector (chief executive) of Imperial College London.

In his presentation, Currall discussed the importance of having more school and university graduates in the STEM areas in order to fuel knowledge-intensive industries such as financial services, information and communication technology, biomedicine and creative industries.

Currall proposed that the audience consider precisely which skills of STEM students are most valuable and suggested what the government can do to enhance the effectiveness of its STEM education and knowledge transfer programs.

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