Owen and Carrillo offered Kauffman fellowship

Sean Owen and Christian Carrillo are the two proud London Business School students that have been offered prestigious Kauffman Fellowships.


The Kauffman Fellowship programme aims to identify, develop, and network emerging global leaders in venture capital.

Created in 1994 by the Kauffman Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership and industry leaders, the aim of the programme is to identify and develop emerging global leaders in venture capital. During the apprenticeship, fellows engage in a two-year individually tailored training programme involving professional coaching, mentoring programmes and engagement in networking activities.

Sean Owen remarks:
“The Kauffman Fellows Programme is known and respected in venture capital, and attracts great applications internationally, so I'm quite pleased to have been chosen as a finalist. London Business School alumni in the industry introduced me to the programme and I'm glad they did. I think that venture capital hasn't entirely outgrown its roots as a cottage industry, mysterious to those outside. There's still some lack of communication and information sharing. Kauffman is doing the great work of filling that gap on behalf of the entire industry by building a strong, international, cross-firm network of aspiring venture capitalists. This sort of jump-start has already helped me, coming from the world of engineering, understand and meet the venture capital community in London.”

Sean and Christian are two of 28 finalists this year, and have been selected from a total of approximately 270 applicants. 

Candidates go through a meticulous selection process which involves applicant evaluation and review by practicing venture capitalists, and additional interviews conducted by members of the Kauffman Fellows Programme.

Christian Carrillo remarks:
"London Business School's focus on venture capital and entrepreneurship played a large part in making Sean and me successful candidates.  I hope our acceptance to the Kauffman Programme this year continues to build London Business School's excellent brand in the venture capital community."

John Mullins, Associate Professor of Management Practice in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, on behalf of London Business School, congratulates both Sean and Christian on their outstanding achievements. “These prized fellowships are among the most competitive of all opportunities open to newly minted MBA students. Sean and Christian richly deserve their places, and their selection provides further evidence of the strength of the school's entrepreneurship and venture capital programmes.”