Lynda Gratton becomes a Times columnist

LBS Professor of Management Practice in Organisational Behaviour to write a monthly column about the world of work

Lynda Gratton 1140 by 346

Professor Lynda Gratton, one of the world’s leading thinkers about the world of work and the future of work, has published the first in a series of monthly columns for The Times, an award-winning British national newspaper.

Lynda’s initial column lifts the lid on the battle over hybrid work, which is currently raging between employers and employees. In her column, Lynda discusses the tension between organisations seeking to get people back into the office, and those employees who would prefer to continue working from home at least part of the time.

She offers three main pieces of advice to organisations struggling with the issue: think about what working practices will enable people to be at their most productive; understand that people want more autonomy about when and where they work; and finally, think of this period as a time of experimentation and learning rather than a time of rules and dictates.

Lynda also writes regularly for MIT Sloan about the world of work and is the author of numerous books on the subject.