London Business School's partnership with Danone

London Business School and Danone have won first place in the European Foundation for Management Development’s (EFMD) Excellence in Practice Awards, for the development of executives through the bespoke Leading Edge Programme.

London Business School and Danone were chosen out of 40 cases that were submitted to the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) in the category of Executive Development.

The Leading Edge Programme which has been running for ten years was developed by London Business School (Update link) and Danone who partnered to create an ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ professional and personal development programme for its senior executives.

Richard Straub, Director of Corporate Services at EFMD, said: “The Leading Edge Programme has played a key role in the transformation of Danone. The business challenges identified along the journey are the basis of the programme and the nature and strength of the long-standing partnership between Danone and London Business School and the impressive support of Danone’s CEO was highly admired. The programme has developed innovative learning methods with clear learning objectives in four areas: Emotional, intellectual, psychological and relational and has had a profound impact on the company”.

London Business School partnered with Danone in 2003 to develop a bespoke programme that would align with Danone’s strategy of personal development and corporate growth.  The programme pioneered ‘discovery learning’ where 174 executives have participated in nine programmes that were held in nine global cities.  The long term sustainable impact of the programme can be seen in the development of the executive participants and the organisation.  64 of the participants have been promoted since their participation and four have been appointed to Danone’s Executive Board.

Linda Irwin, Client Director, Executive Education (Update link), London Business School, said: “London Business School has been privileged to collaborate over the last 10 years with an enterprise as courageous and creative as Danone. This highly valued and successful partnership between Danone and London Business School has resulted in the co-creation of the innovative and dynamic Leading Edge programme which fosters new insights and inspiration, and delivers impact at an individual, organisational and societal level.

“We are delighted and honoured that the EFMD has recognised the long term and sustainable impact of this transformational learning intervention.”

Thierry Bonetto, Group Learning and Development Director, Danone, shares: “We are grateful and proud to have been granted this prestigious EFMD award.  It is recognition for the challenging and inspiring approach we have dared to take together with our trusted partner London Business School, to make the Leading Edge Programme sustainable and impactful over time, while reinvented every year.  It is encouraging for the Danone’s Learning and Development team to continue to support business growth, people growth and the nurturing of our culture.”

London Business School and Danone will be presenting at the EFMD Executive Development Conference on 9 October.