LBS' ADP programme leaves lasting legacy

Executives on London Business School’s Accelerated Development Programme have set up a small business loan platform to help entrepreneurs in more than 20 developing countries.


Business executives on the School’s Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) (class no. 78) which helps functional managers transition to general management, set up a lending platform through Kiva to lend money to small business owners in developing countries. So far, the classes have raised more than $6,000 (£3,600) which has been loaned to 21 people in more than 12 countries.

For five years, ADP classes have been running successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. Within these, programme members choose a charity to support, and then collectively raise money for that charity through activities such as raffles and auctions.

Examples of successful projects have included helping a small business owner in Cambodia to buy and sell more groceries and a businessman in Georgia to buy a minibus to work on the local bus line.

The initiative started with an ADP class in 2009, since then, each programme has raised on average between £1,200 and £2,000.
ADP is taught in two blocks of two weeks, with eight months of tutor and peer group support.

Find out more about the programme here .