London Business School tops Forbes MBA ranking

1705London Business School has been ranked number one internationally for its two year MBA programme by Forbes, for the third time running.

On a global level, London Business School delivered the strongest return on investment of all schools with a two year MBA programme.

Forbes’ eighth biennial ranking of business schools is based solely on the return on investment achieved by the graduates from the class of 2008. It compared the alumni earnings in their first five years out of business school to their opportunity cost (two years of compensation, tuition and required fees).

Of the class of 2008, 90% secured a job within three months of graduation. Those students entered the School in 2006 with a median salary of $77,000 but five years after graduation they were earning $214,000 - an increase of almost 180%.

London Business School’s MBA students’ top five employers last year were McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Citigroup, Bain and Deutsche Bank and between them they hired a quarter of the graduating class of 2012.

London Business School is also highlighted by Forbes as the most geographically diverse school in the ranking, with 91% of its students coming from overseas.

Erica Hensens, MBA Programme Director, London Business School, said: “The class of 2008 graduated into one of the toughest job markets for business postgraduates. It is testament to both London Business School and the calibre of our students that we have achieved this placement.

“Applicants have tough choices to make when selecting a school and naturally value for money and return on investment are crucial factors in making a decision to join an MBA programme. London Business School’s two year MBA has once again demonstrated that it can meet these expectations.”