London Business School Emerging Markets Conference 2010

"Emerging Markets as Drivers of Global Growth" - This year's conference will explore prospects and challenges for growing financial markets, consumer markets, sustainable development and entrepreneurship across emerging markets


The conference keynotes and panels will feature leading senior professionals who are analysing, shaping and advancing the business landscape across emerging markets.

12 March 2010 (RCOG Building)
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Morning: Paul Mountford, President - Emerging Markets, Cisco
Afternoon: Mohan Kaul, Director-General & CEO, Commonwealth Business Council

Panellists including:

  • Jonathan Garner, Head of Global Emerging Markets Strategy, Morgan Stanley
  • Paul O'Donnell, Chairman, Ogilvy UK and OgilvyOne EMEA
  • Mark Purdy, Senior Executive, Accenture Institute for High Performance
  • Julian Mayo, Chief Investment Officer, Charlemagne Capital
  • Christine Shields, Head of Country Risk Research, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Charlotte Wolff, Group Corporate Responsibility Manager, ArcelorMittal
  • Mark Dominik, Office of the Vice Chairman, Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors
  • Josue Tanaka, Corporate Director, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change, EBRD
  • Peter Gutman, Global Head, Renewable Energy and Env. Finance, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Dan Siddy, Founder and Director, Delsus
  • Jonathan Bill, Head of Emerging Markets, Vodafone Internet Services, Vodafone Group
  • Gunther Faber, CEO, HealthStore Foundation

Panel sessions:
1. Growing Financial Markets: Macroeconomic forecasts, prospects for equities and debt markets across BRICs and frontiers

2. Growing Consumer Markets: Rise of emerging market MNCs, targeted product development to new consumer classes, product innovation and evolving marketing strategies

3. Growing Sustainably:  Opportunities and challenges for investors and businesses in energy, water resources management, sustainable urban development

4. Growing Entrepreneurially: Scaling up and growing start-up enterprises in emerging markets; case study from entrepreneurs' and investors' perspectives

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