Lessons in leadership during times of conflict and crisis

Life and death scenario in Ukraine requires different leadership approach, says LBS’s Randall S Peterson

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Leadership is never more important than during a crisis, according to London Business School Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Randall S Peterson.

The Academic Director of the LBS Leadership Institute recently spoke to Board Agenda about how leaders, like those with operations in Ukraine, can effectively respond to emergencies.

“What we know from research is that leadership matters more in crisis than in your everyday things-are-going-fine kind of world. This really is the time that the issue is tested. The fact that you’re able to see some people who are able to remain calm is fantastic,” he said.

“It doesn’t always happen. Even in the pandemic there were plenty of leaders who didn’t know what to do, they melted down, got lost in their bunker planning and forgot to communicate.”

Professor Peterson told Raconteur that the life or death scenario facing CEOs in Ukraine called for “a totally different style of leadership”.

“I am hopeful that they can make a difference and take care of their people.”

He highlighted that many organisations were stepping up to do more than simply meet their core duty of care responsibilities.

“Many are now actively supporting Ukrainian people and setting up support lines, which is really impressive.”

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