LBS welcomes eight new faculty members

London Business School appoints eight new academics across five subject areas

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As the 2020/21 academic year gets underway, London Business School is delighted to announce the appointment of eight new academics across five of its seven subject areas. 


Inna Abramova, Assistant Professor, Accounting faculty (PhD from MIT Sloan School of Management)

Dr Abramova’s research explores the interplay of corporate governance and boardroom networks besides labour and industrial organisation in auditing. She also researches the effect of investor attention on corporate disclosure; in a recent job market paper, she studied how shocks in the labour supply of accounting professionals affect audit firm merger activity and audit market concentration. The Accounting Review has published her work. 


Rebecca De Simone, Assistant Professor, Finance (PhD from Columbia Business School)

Dr De Simone’s research focuses on corporate governance and small business and household finance, especially in emerging markets. She was recently awarded the AQR Asset Management Institute Fellowship for Academic and Research Excellence for a study using data from Ecuador to show that government tax audits can improve firm value, ultimately reducing the cost of borrowing for audited firms.


Dafna Goor, Assistant Professor, Marketing (PhD from Harvard Business School)

Dr Goor’s primary areas of research encompass branding, luxury marketing, authenticity, consumer identity, symbolic consumption, status seeking and consumer wellbeing. Her work has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research and in The Research Handbook on Luxury Branding; Dafna has won several awards for her research including the CBSIG Rising Star Award and the MSI Clayton Dissertation Award.


Arianna Marchetti, Assistant Professor, Strategy and Entrepreneurship (PhD from INSEAD)

Dr Marchetti’s research focuses on the intersection of strategy and organisation. She takes a keen interest in the interplay between organisational design and organisational culture exploring its implications for coordination and corporate performance, most notably within industries which are known for being innovative. She also studies machine learning and AI and their impact on research and wider society.


Lakshmi Naaraayanan, Assistant Professor, Finance (PhD from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Dr. Naaraayanan’s research interests lie in the area of empirical corporate finance – including corporate governance, entrepreneurship, financial intermediation, and law and finance. His research has won several awards, including the USC Marshall School of Business Trefftzs Award at the Western Finance Association Meetings. His work has featured in leading media outlets including the Financial Express, Forbes, Oxford Business and Law, and the World Bank.


Marcel Olbert, Assistant Professor, Accounting (PhD from University of Mannheim Business School)

Dr Olbert’s research seeks to reveal the real effects of corporate taxation and disclosure regulation, examining how multinational businesses respond to incentives stemming from their regulatory and macroeconomic environment. His experience also includes investment banking in the M&A advisory group of JP Morgan London, strategy consulting with Roland Berger and international tax and private equity with PwC and Flick Gocke Schaumburg. 


Nicolas Padilla, Assistant Professor, Marketing (PhD from Columbia Business School)

Using quantitative methods to inform marketing decisions, Dr Padilla studies the customer journey and applies machine-learning techniques to infer consumer preferences and inform marketing decisions. Specifically, he studies how firms can use information from the customer journey to complement historical data and identify customer preferences, assess the likelihood of conversion, predict product choice and gain insight into consumer product recommendations.


Jean Pauphilet, Assistant Professor, Management Science and Operations (PhD from MIT)

An integral part of Dr Pauphilet’s research is his collaboration with hospitals and medical institutions to advance the use of analytics in healthcare operations and prediction-based decision making. He also develops new algorithms for machine learning and studies optimisation of large-scale systems in presence of uncertainty.


Commenting on the appointments, François Ortalo-Magné, Dean of London Business School said: 

“We are delighted to welcome eight new outstanding colleagues to our School. We are proud of their success as PhD graduates of prestigious institutions and confident that they will enrich our community.” 

The School’s 170+ faculty members come from over 30 countries and represent the seven subject areas of accounting, economics, finance, management science and operations, marketing, organisational behaviour, and strategy and entrepreneurship.